Akbar Culture

‘Developing our employees' careers is an investment for both our employees and the future of Akbar.’

What makes the Akbar culture great?

Akbar has built a learning culture of treasured and timeless traditions embracing and adapting to the newer world each day and new ways of thinking and perception. Our core values goes deeper than revenue emphasizing the importance of a “people first” culture. Our purpose and values are the bedrock of culture and catalyst to change, that has successfully diversified our organization into a globally recognized conglomerate.

Our working culture is well equipped with continuous training and employee engagement programs designed to enhance your growth and provide you a number of opportunities to climb the ladder.

‘We seek for Team members who bring enthusiasm to everything they do, who are constantly striving to attain individual goals while recognizing the power of working collaboratively.’

Internship Program - Give yourself an edge in the job market.

One of the most important internship benefits is that college graduates who already have some work experience in the form of an internship stand out to potential employers. Internship experience makes a college graduates more marketable as you require less training and can handle more responsibilities. One of the more significant advantages to an internship programme is the opportunity to select and develop your future talent.

Management Trainee Programme – Get empowered and discover your true potential.

Management Trainee (MT) programmes are personal development programmes that offers new graduates the opportunity for a practical experience in their field of specialization. The MT program creates a perfect setting of the workplace culture to develop their skills and orient the graduates towards the duties and responsibilities in respect to the specific professions in order to optimize the productivity at the workplace when eventually employed.


Department Logistics | Intern

"I joined this company on the 7th of August 2020 as an Intern. At the time I was an undergraduate following a Logistics Management Degree and so working at Akbar Brothers became a perfect match. The reason that I say it’s a perfect match is because having joined the Shipping Department, the knowledge I have gained so far is relevant to my degree and so I was able to apply this knowledge in may day-to-day tasks. Working under the supervision of the shipping managers, I was able to get a thorough understanding and knowledge of the Pre Shipment and Post Shipment processes. With their on-the-job training structure I was able to experience the practical side in the logistics process which in turn helped me with my final assignments. With the company being so accommodating of the working hours, in terms of leave for studies and assignments, I would definitely say that this is the perfect working place for any undergraduate."

Department Research | Intern

"I have enjoyed working at Akbar Brothers and have learned so many things for both my personal and professional development throughout this journey. I appreciate the opportunities and guidance I got during my internship which helped me a lot in balancing my education and work tasks. I had to leave Akbar after a period of five months as I had to give priority to my law studies. However, after considering my situation, I was allowed to continue to work remotely which helps me a lot as I am able to attend lectures full-time and at the same time financially assist myself to an extent with the job."

Department Lean | Management Trainee

"My career as an MT at Akbar Brothers has been a truly rewarding experience. During my first year, I worked on certain process improvement and awareness projects that have kicked my growth into overdrive. Some of the opportunities I have been entrusted with include preparing factory reports based on various capacity utilization and process flow mapping. As a young school leaver, I feel very privileged to have been offered these amazing opportunities so early in my career. The provided trainee trajectory has undoubtedly boosted both my professional and personal development. In my experience, the Akbar Brothers Trainee Program is all about continuous growth, striving for excellence and working on high impact initiatives. We are now at a time of rapid growth and exciting new global initiatives. With great anticipation, I look forward to the opportunities and challenges to come with the further expansion here at Akbar Brothers. It is an experience I believe few other companies can offer young professionals and so I can recommend the Akbar MT programme to anyone with a desire to work on substantial challenges and is driven by results."

Department Business Development | Intern

"I'm privileged to be a college undergraduate and getting a chance to intern for the largest tea exporter in the country and one of the major players globally when it comes to tea and many other avenues. I found my passion working at Akbar brothers and they gave me a chance to pursue it further. I currently work closely with the company directors on developing new brands and products. The directors are extremely approachable and helpful, as are the employees. Akbar has a really methodical and well-planned training program where you get an understanding of everything."