Environmental Services

Making motoring better for the environment

Due to its major carbon footprint, motor vehicle emissions are a major concern for environmental sustainability. Our focus is to help Sri Lanka achieve as low a carbon footprint as possible by offering eco-friendly solutions that help motorists manage their emissions responsibly and minimize the unnecessary waste of resources.

We are proud to have helped Sri Lanka reduce its carbon footprint and attain the highest standard of ambient air quality in the South Asia region, despite an increase in the number of motor vehicles over the years.

Cleanco (Pvt) Ltd, a subsidiary of the Akbar Group operates over 65 stations around the country as well as a fleet of 26 mobile test centers – covering a further 167 locations island wide under the Drivegreen brand.

Additionally, Drivegreen centers are authorized by the government and fully equipped to test and certify motor vehicle compliance to emission standards. The company also provides a fuel efficiency report on tested vehicles together with the standard emissions report – offering an added benefit to motorists.

The company employs over 1000 employees directly and indirectly and adheres to a strict code of quality and ethical treatment for all stakeholders.