Turning local goodness into a Global tradition

Established in 1969, Akbar Tea has established itself as a leader in the procurement and export of the finest Ceylon tea. Over 50 years later, we are proud to have exported the highest quality Sri Lankan tea to the world, sharing our heritage and the simple pleasure of a delicious cup of tea with the world.

Our commitment to providing the highest quality tea transcends simple good purchasing, we offer knowledge enhancement based on our extensive experience and best-practices, that are implemented across our stakeholders; ensuring that the industry as a whole develops.

Backed by generations of tradition and experience, Akbar Tea has combined the best of the past with the technology of the future – resulting in a state-of-the-art production facility that surpasses the most stringent local and international standards.

For decades, no consignment of Akbar Tea was shipped without being inspected and passed by a family member – a tradition that is a matter of pride for both the family and the company. The traditional commitment to quality that has been practiced at Akbar Brothers since its inception saw Akbar Tea become the first Sri Lankan tea company to be awarded the internationally recognized ISO90002 and HACCP quality certificates.